Agent Plus

Agent Plus
The only software platform capable of efficiently managing and providing the necessary back up, support and in depth information for growing rent rolls and multi office agencies.

Save time

Performs the hands on accounting and administration functions for you.

Receives and initiates action on all mail, invoices and documents on your behalf.

Hit your targets

Ongoing client led development for integrating with other industry leaders.

Payments made daily to suppliers, owners and other approved parties.

All in one place

Fully integrated end-to-end solution with no add-on functions needed.

Full audit trail on all actions and full financial reporting on each property and portfolio.

Grow your business

Built to handle growth.

Make better use of your people’s valuable time and identify any inefficiencies in your processes.

Owners & Tenants App

Full visibility and extensive real time information to clients.

Actions and requests can be initiated via the app by property managers, owners and tenants.