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La Net Team is an India based software outsourcing company that offers high quality and cost effective software development service to its clients. We strive for on time delivery of the projects and adhere to stringent quality standards.

We offer flexible and cutting edge solutions that help our clients to operate more efficiently and gain an edge over their competitors. We offer high quality offshore software engineering and programming talent that can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage. We believe in delivering smart business solutions through smart usage of technology and continuously focus on quality of deliverables to our clients.

Our wide range of services include website designing, e-commerce services, Android and IOS Applications, Graphic and Logo design, Website Templates, Website Marketing, Product Development, Software Development etc.

Our local presence guarantees cost advantages specially for the key locations that we are situated in. We strive to upgrade our domain expertise to help us provide not only IT services but valuable business services to our clients. Our primary goal is to help the client to focus on his business and leave the onus upon us to deliver what they need to run their business and make it more competitive through technology.

To ensure that our customers get exactly what they need, we offer a variety of solutions that can be customized, combined, or deployed right out of the box and integrated with existing Enterprise applications.

La Net Team is ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. We believe our commitment towards quality and high service orientation has helped us in growing at fast pace. We have been operating successfully since 2008.

Why Choose La Net Team

  • Vast experience in providing customized solutions to our clients to meet their web based needs.
  • Expertise in all areas of web site design and development and other web site based solutions.
  • Our team of dedicated web designers, developers and professionals strive for excellence in the services offered.
  • We value Creativity and Innovation while offering web site design and development services to our clients.
  • We offer extremely competitive rates. We can cater to small, medium and large corporations.
  • We have a large global clientele in excess of 900 satisfied customers.
  • We have diversified domain expertize including real estate, automobiles, tourism, Distribution, CRM, Various B2B Platform Solutions and so on.
  • We Provide end to end business solutions to our clients with development of web forms for reporting systems
  • We strive meeting the deadlines of the client as we are aware that on or before time delivery of project is very crucial to the success of our clients.
  • A significant part of our work history has involved acting in the capacity of on-site expert and lead developers specializing in finding solutions for our clients
  • Laneteans love working in flexi teams on diverse projects and have a pool of cross functional knowledge that helps in offering very good solution to our esteemed customers. Our strong human capital and in-house training programs give us flexibility and redundancy and help us in faster and accurate execution of projects.



We develop Android, iPhone & iPad Applications, PhoneGap and Xamarin mobile Apps. You can get Multimedia, Finance, Business, Communication and other apps developed. Learn more…

service image


We have expertize in developing CMS site with WordPress , Joomla and Drupal. Good experience of developing Ecommerce Stores that we develop with Magento. Learn More…


Get your feature-rich online stores, web sites and sites on Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Networking sites leveraging our skills in .NET and their Frameworks. Learn More…

Web Design 90%

Iphone Developing 95%

CMS Site Developing 80%

Magento E-Commerce Site Developing 77%

.NET Site Developing 65%

New Customers

Referral Work

Our works

Get in touch with us

Feel free to give us a call or pop in for a cuppa, we are happy to talk you through any projects or run live demos for those wishing to see what it is to use our products and how they look like.


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